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Canada Can Help #EndCovidEverywhere

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Hi Paov,

COVID-19 continues to claim lives and has left millions on brink of extreme poverty, but the only way we’ll get our world, our country and our economy back on track is if we #EndCovidEverywhere.

Canada can still play a major role and there's no time to lose. Thousands of us have already urged the government to spend at least 1% of our pandemic response to help the poorest countries beat COVID-19 and its effects.

Now we’re turning up the pressure by launching a nation-wide phone call campaign. Click to call MP Beech, Chair of the Liberal Party's Pacific Caucus. With enough calls, caucus chairs could be compelled to raise the issue within the party and key ministers will have no choice but to take notice.

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This pandemic has already claimed over 800,000 lives and brought with it a host of devastating knock-on effects. It’s estimated the virus will plunge 71 million people into extreme poverty, cause 265 million to go hungry, and result in 31 million additional cases of gender-based violence.

But if Canada commits just 1% of its total pandemic spending on stopping the virus and its effects worldwide, we can help reverse these troubling trends.

Click now to go to the calling page. Once you enter your number and click, your phone will ring and you’ll be connected to MP Beech's office (at no cost). Here are some things you could say:

Hi — My name is {XYZ} and I live in {CITY, BC}. I am contacting MP Beech in his capacity as chair of the Liberal Party's Pacific Caucus.

  • I think the government has spent far too little tackling coronavirus internationally — and that we should give at least 1% of our pandemic response funds to this.
  • The pandemic is likely to push 71 million people into extreme poverty and cause 265 million to go hungry.
  • It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do — the Canadian and global economy won’t recover until the pandemic is over everywhere.
  • Please, I would like MP Beech to tell fellow caucus members and cabinet ministers that Canadians like me want the government to seriously invest in the global response.

There are thousands of Global Citizens across Canada, so if every one of us places a 30-second call, our elected leaders will know we’re counting on them to ensure the global response gets funded. Click now to make a call.

With hope,

Ari and the Global Citizen team

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