Im terrified as back to school week approaches

I worry about my kids. I worry for all children going back to school. r1


I’m terrified as back to school week approaches. Here where I live, in Manitoba, the government is gambling with the health of my two sons by sending them back to school without reducing class sizes or taking proactive measures to reduce COVID-19 exposure.

I worry about my kids. I worry for all children going back to school this week and next. I worry especially about the health of Indigenous children across the country, many of whom continue to live under boil water advisories that the Trudeau government has consistently failed to address.

As a father, I also worry about our governments’ priorities when it comes to public spending.

I was flabbergasted when Trudeau pledged a measly $2 billion for back to school safety last week, while continuing to sink well over $13 billion into the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Worst still is that we still don’t know the true cost because the government is refusing to share it with the public.

This is unacceptable. Tell Trudeau and Freeland to show us the true cost... of TMX.

We can do so much better than investing billions in a climate-wrecking pipeline. We can invest in our children’s safety by fixing our broken, underfunded public education systems. We can buy adequate PPE for students and teachers. We can hire more teachers and support staff in schools. We can keep each other safe.

We need a better plan than one that puts our children into frontline circumstances, exposing them to a sickness that could impact their health for the rest of their lives. We can invest in building back better with a Green New Deal that diverts money into an economic recovery plan that puts people first, upholds Indigenous rights, and helps our communities thrive.

It all starts with the public spending decisions that the government is making right now. The first step is knowing exactly how much money is going where.

Join me in calling on PM Trudeau and Finance Minister Freeland to show us the true cost of TMX.

In respect and peace,

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