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Dear Friend,

Day in and day out, we tackle a wide variety of civil liberties and human rights issues. Whether you follow and support us for our work in patients’ rights, police accountability, prisoners’ rights, CBSA accountability, or privacy, the work that speaks to us also speaks to you.

You might have a passion for one issue or for all of them. One thing is sure though; you’re a supporter of the BCCLA because you believe in the value of our work.

The ongoing work and the victories we share are only possible because... of the commitment of our members to these issues. We know that you share the BCCLA’s commitment to upholding and advancing justice.

Will you become a Sustaining Member today?

As a Sustaining Member, you combine your membership at the organization with a monthly donation. Your membership stays valid for as long as your monthly donations continue.

We all know that fights for justice can take a long time. The issues you are passionate about need supporters like you who are committed for the long haul. As a Sustaining Member, you ensure that we can continue to preserve, defend, maintain, and extend civil liberties and human rights in Canada well into the future.

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We are so grateful to have supporters who share our commitment to justice stand with us every step of the way.


Jennifer MacNeil


Donor Relations Associate

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