Were crashing Trudeaus cabinet meeting

Let’s ramp up pressure to make sure Trudeau gets his priorities right. r1


Next Monday, Trudeau’s cabinet will meet to lay out their plans for an economic recovery. We can only hope it will be good enough to get people and communities through the worst health and economic crises of our lifetime.

To be honest, it doesn’t bode well that with every passing day, our government's sinking billions upon billions of dollars into the TransMountain (TMX) pipeline.

We’re ramping up pressure to make sure they have their priorities straight. Will you join in?

First off, join thousands to call on Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Freeland to show us the true cost of TMX. Sign the petition now.

Next up, join us to make sure that these thousands of voices are heard. On September 14th at 10:00 am PT/ 1:00 PM ET, we will hold a massive e-rally to deliver thousands of signatures to Trudeau and Freeland right in the middle of their cabinet meeting. It will be a powerful moment with an incredible lineup of speakers and climate activists. RSVP to join in.

Every tax dollar that goes toward the TransMountain pipeline is a dollar that isn’t helping people and communities get through the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. This is a critical opportunity to push our elected officials to invest in struggling communities across the country to build back better after the COVID 19 pandemic.

That starts with Trudeau’s government releasing the true cost of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and letting people decide how taxpayer dollars are spent in the midst of a pandemic.

Don’t forget to sign the petition ahead of time so we can deliver your signature on Monday.



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