Win for Medicare


Because of you, we just won a massive victory to protect Canada’s public healthcare today.

In a landmark decision, Justice Steeves just dealt a huge blow to the efforts of Brian Day, aka Doctor Profit, to undermine Canada’s publicly-funded medicare system and turn it to a U.S.-style profit driven system. This decision ensures that access to health care in Canada will continue to be based on need and not on ability to pay.

And you were there since the first week of the trial when we made a big splash outside the BC Supreme Court.

Outside BC Supreme Court during the first week of trial in 2016

Outside BC Supreme Court during the first week of the trial against Doctor Profit.

Since 2016, members like you chipped in to make sure top lawyers were able to testify at the hearings. And because of you, we were able to give a press conference outside the courthouse, and deliver nearly 40,000 signatures to Doctor Profit’s Cambie Surgeries Corporation.

Petition Delivery to Doctor Profits liar Cambie Surgeries Corporation

Delivering 40,000 SumOfUs member signatures to Doctor Profit's Cambie Surgeries Corporation.

The recent public health emergency caused by COVID-19 has underscored just how important our public health care system is.

And today's massive victory to protect medicare was only possible due to grassroots groups such as the BC Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors of Medicare, the two main interveners of the case.

Please consider visiting their website, to support their on-going work to protect Canada’s healthcare for profit-driven doctors like Brian Day.

BC Health Coalition
Canadian Doctors for Medicare

Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Emma, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

B.C. judge rules against private care for patients in test of universal system, National Post, Sep 10, 2020

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