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Canada Can Protect Women Worldwide by Investing to #EndCovidEverywhere

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Hi Paov,

Right now, millions of women around the world are confined to their homes to stop the spread of coronavirus — many trapped with an abusive partner.

Experts say that six months’ worth of lockdowns could lead to 31 million cases of gender-based violence.

Canada can help end this atrocity, but there's no time to lose. Thousands of us have already urged the government to invest in tackling the virus everywhere so we can safely lift the lockdowns and stop the abuse.

Now we’re taking to Twitter to ask PM Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to step in. If enough of us pile on, cabinet will have no choice but to take notice.

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The virus has already claimed over 800,000 lives and brought with it a humanitarian disaster. It’s estimated the virus will plunge 71 million people into extreme poverty, cause 265 million to go hungry, and deprive over 47 million women of contraceptives leading to unplanned pregnancies.

But if Canada commits just 1% of its total pandemic spending on stopping the virus worldwide, we can help reverse these troubling trends.

There are thousands of Global Citizens across Canada, so if every one of us tweets, our elected leaders will know we’re counting on them to ensure the global response gets fully funded. Click now to tweet.

With hope,

Ari and the Global Citizen team

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