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Just in case you missed this last e-mail from us. Tomorrow, we’re holding a massive e-rally where we will collectively deliver thousands of signatures calling on Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Freeland to reveal the true cost of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. I noticed you haven't signed the petition yet.

I wanted to give you one last chance to sign so that we can make sure your name is delivered alongside thousands of others at the e-rally tomorrow. Take a minute to sign the petition.




The West Coast is on fire. It’s devastating to read the stories of entire homes burnt to ash, entire communities evacuated indefinitely, and the tragic loss of life.¹

Since yesterday, the smoke from fires in Washington, Oregon, and California has started to settle over Canadian cities including Vancouver -- where I live -- tinting the sky orange and compromising the air quality.²

The climate emergency is literally at our doorstep. And our political leaders are failing to respond with the urgency and scale that’s needed.

That’s why, on Monday, at 10:00 am PT... / 1:00 PM ET, we're taking action. While the federal cabinet ministers are in their meeting, we're holding a massive e-rally to demand better from federal leaders. Join in.

Next week, Trudeau’s cabinet is holding a retreat to plan out their strategy for a recovery from the pandemic. And reports are already indicating that they are putting their climate action plans on hold.³

It seems their most important concern is to get the economy up and running to avoid worsening the national unemployment crisis. As if job creation and climate action are in conflict with each other. We need a new and better story.

We hope you join us on Monday. Make sure to save your spot for the event and we will share details on how you can join via Zoom.

We’ll rally with incredible speakers and activists who are leading the charge for transformative climate action in their communities.

We will hear from young Indigenous activist Kayah George, from the Tsleil-Waututh and Tutalip Nations. Kayah’s community is solarizing its buildings while leading the fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline which threatens their ancestral lands and waters.

We will also hear from Rebecca Keetch. Rebecca is part of Green Jobs Oshawa -- a worker-led project focusing on bringing the former GM auto plant in Oshawa under public ownership and repurposing it for the social good.

Kayah and Rebecca are both working at the grassroots to lead the economic transition that we need at a national scale.

We'll also deliver thousands of signatures demanding that PM Trudeau and Finance Minister Freeland reveal the true cost of the Trans Mountain pipeline. In the middle of a climate crisis, Trudeau’s government continues to sink billions of our tax dollars into this climate-wrecking project. That’s akin to pouring fuel over the forests of the Pacific coast.

On Monday, we will build power together by imagining a new story and a better future that does not pit struggling communities, workers, and climate action against each other. Join us to send a strong message to Prime Minister Trudeau and Freeland on the first day of their cabinet retreat, as they discuss their COVID-recovery strategy and budget priorities.

Spots are limited so please save your seat for the e-rally now.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday,


PS - If you haven’t yet -- make sure you sign the petition calling on Trudeau and Freeland to show us the true cost of the TMX pipeline. If you sign now, we’ll make sure your signature is included in the digital delivery on Monday.


1 - New York Times: A Climate Reckoning in Fire Stricken California

2 - Global News: Air quality advisory extended for Metro Vancouver due to US wildfire smoke

3 - CBC: Cabinet Weighing housing plan and EI reform as government prepares fall agenda is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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