BC is giving billions to polluters

BREAKING: Our new report reveals that the BC government gives away twice as much money to the fossil fuel industry as it spends on its climate change program. This is outrageous. Email Premier Horgan right now and call for an end to fossil fuel subsidies in BC.

I don’t like being the one to tell you this – but BC’s government is giving billions of your tax dollars to corporate polluters.

Released today, our shocking new report reveals that after oil-centric Alberta, BC gives more handouts to fossil fuel companies than any other province. Twice as much, in fact, as it spends on its climate change program.

We’re in a climate crisis, and on top of that, communities across BC are still reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. Instead of lining the pockets of oil and gas executives, that money should be going to the people who need it.

It’s time to sound the alarm on BC’s bankrolling of corporate polluters. Will you email Premier John Horgan right now and demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies in BC?


Our ‘pro-environment’ BC NDP government is nowhere near as green as you might think. Under John Horgan’s leadership, handouts to corporate polluters have gone up and up. In the last year, the BC NDP gave away 79% more to the fossil fuel industry than the BC Liberals did in their last year in power.

It gets worse. Our government is actually giving away nearly 4 times more money to prop up Big Oil and Big Gas than it’s receiving back in royalties from the industry. In other words, they are using your tax dollars to pay the fossil fuel industry to pollute. For the first time ever, fossil fuel subsidies will top $1 billion in 2020, while budgets for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and BC Parks are facing cuts.

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