The Throne Speech

Our key takeaways from today’s Speech from the Throne r1


I just finished watching today’s Speech from the Throne and wanted to share some thoughts.

The speech unveiled some promising commitments for climate action. I could hardly believe it when the Governor General said “climate action will be a cornerstone of our plan to support and create a million jobs across the country.” She went on to name commitments to invest in climate resilience and public transportation systems.1

This is the boldest climate commitment that the Trudeau government has ever made. And, it’s all thanks to people like you. This kind of commitment is only possible because hundreds of thousands of people spoke up and took action to demand bold climate action and a just recovery.

But, words are not enough. We need to see action. Many of today’s commitments are repackaged promises that Trudeau has failed to deliver on for years. It has been 463 days since the government declared a climate emergency and failed to act. We need to see the Trudeau government match their words with bold action.

In the next few weeks, our federal leaders will make the most important political decisions of our lifetime.... They will debate how to use public money to recover from the pandemic. Let’s make sure they prioritize what matters. Sign the petition today to call on federal party leaders to defund the Trans Mountain pipeline and fund a Green New Deal instead.

Across the country, smoke from the west coast of the United States has only just started to clear. The climate emergency is at our doorstep. A commitment towards a just and green economy is needed more than ever -- but science-based climate action means a rapid transition away from fossil fuels.

This is our chance to push the government to abandon the Trans Mountain pipeline once and for all. In the middle of a global pandemic and climate emergency, the last thing we should spend billions of public dollars on is a climate-wrecking pipeline.

Defunding the Trans Mountain pipeline will free up billions of dollars to fund a Green New Deal that meets the climate crisis, creates millions of decent jobs, and invests in our communities.

Sign the petition to call on all federal party leaders to defund this climate-wrecking pipeline and invest in a Green New Deal instead.

Before the pandemic, the cost of the pipeline jumped from $5 billion to nearly $13 billion. Since then, there have been countless delays that can only be driving up the cost to you, me, and everyone across Canada. Some estimates are that it’s well above $20 billion now. That’s unacceptable.

Tell our federal party leaders that our dollars need to go to climate action and supporting people through this devastating time -- not expensive, dangerous fossil fuel projects. Add your name.




1. Throne Speech: A stronger and more resilient Canada is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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