Where is the Recovery Fund to Save the Lives of Migrants?

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 2200 ... September 24, 2020

Where is the ‘Recovery Fund’ to Save the Lives of Migrants?

Sandro Mezzadra

There is a tendency on the part of the media and the political system to treat what is happening in the Mediterranean, and the issue of migration generally, as a separate topic in itself, usually describing it as an emergency (whether a security or humanitarian one – this makes little difference in terms of the logic of the discourse). For instance, no one would think to link this issue with the “recovery fund,” which is discussed in a completely different language and tone.

However, it seems to me that this attitude is deeply misleading. While the “recovery fund” marks a qualitative leap in the process of European integration (as to the direction, this remains to be established, of course), battles of fundamental importance are being waged in the Mediterranean for the definition of the borders of the Europe that is to be redeveloped – and therefore both for the quality of its citizenship and for its relations with the outside world,... first and foremost with the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, with the great Middle East and with Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.

The shame of the Moria refugee camp and the shame of the detention camps in Libya are the most visible tips of the iceberg of a maritime border control regime that is, for all intents and purposes, a European one (let us be clear: without this fact representing any absolution of the responsibility of individual national governments, starting with the Italian one).

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