I am writing to ask you to chip in your first $3.50 contribution so we can organize to defund the Trans Mountain Pipeline and win a Green New Deal. If you can afford to, please make a contribution today.

This is a long, but important email. r1


In just a moment I am going to ask you to make your first $3.50 contribution so that we can organize to defund the climate-wrecking Trans Mountain Pipeline and win a Green New Deal.

But first let me explain why this request — especially today — is so important:

In yesterday's throne speech, Trudeau's government made promising commitments to addressing the climate crisis and investing in climate resilience. It was an important step forward. And it’s all thanks to hundreds of supporters, like you, who have spoken up to demand bold climate action and a just recovery.

But here's the truth: many of yesterday's commitments are repackaged promises that Trudeau has failed to deliver on for years.

Words are not enough — we need action.

In the next few weeks, our federal leaders will make the most important political decisions of our lifetime. They will debate how to use public money to recover from the global health pandemic.

350 is building the programs and campaigns capable of bringing people together around the country to build pressure on our leaders to defund dangerous fossil fuel projects and invest in bold climate action in line with a Green New Deal.

But... we cannot do it alone. We're in this together.

We are aiming for a large number of donations today because each one will power the programs and campaigns we are building to create a global movement to take on the fossil fuel industry.

That is why I am asking you directly:

Can you chip in your first $3.50 contribution so that we can build a global movement and dismantle the fossil fuel industry?

During this unprecedented moment in history, we must not lose sight of what we can accomplish when we come together:

We can push the government to abandon the Trans Mountain pipeline once and for all.

We can fund a Green New Deal that creates millions of decent jobs and invests in our communities.

And we can dismantle the fossil fuel industry.

But if we are going to build the pressure we need, we must confront these challenges together.

I understand that right now times are tough, and you may not be able to make a contribution. But if you are in a position to make a donation, please make the donation for yourself, or maybe make a small contribution for someone who wants to but can’t afford it today.

Anything you can do to help would mean a lot.

If you can afford it — and only if you can afford it — chip in $3.50 today to support our global movement.

Thank you for contributing what you can.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Deol


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