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Write a letter to the editor to your local paper to Defund Trans Mountain r1


On Thursday, the Liberal government announced $10 billion in new infrastructure spending.¹ I was happy to see that some of the money is going to fund renewable energy projects, green retrofits and electric buses. That means Trudeau is starting to feel the pressure from our movement for a Just Recovery and Green New Deal.

Then I remembered he’s still planning to spend billions on the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The project could end up costing taxpayers more than $20 billion. That’s double the total infrastructure investment announced last week!

That’s why we’re building a campaign to force the government to make a bold choice: #DefundTMX once and for all. For over a week, we’ve flooded the inboxes of the Prime Minister and all the opposition leaders urging them to defund the Trans Mountain pipeline and fund a Green New Deal instead. We know politicians don’t make big choices if they don’t think they have the public on their side, so now we’re taking our message to the media.

On Friday we launched an online tool that lets you customize... and submit a letter to the editor of your local papers in just a few minutes. It’s only been a few days, but over 200 people have already participated. Today I’m asking you to add your voice. Are you in?

You and I both know that there’s never a good time to sink billions in public money into a climate-wrecking pipeline. But, the middle of a global pandemic, climate emergency, and economic recession is most certainly the worst possible time. Let’s help others connect the dots on this as well.

This morning I used the new tool to send a letter to the editors of five different newspapers in the Hamilton area, where I live, and it took me less than five minutes. There’s a great template letter that you can send as-is or customize to make it your own. Click here to send a letter to the editor of your local paper now.

We know that when people move, politicians follow. The only reason the government placed so much emphasis on green infrastructure last week is because our movements have made the call for a Just Recovery impossible to ignore. If polling on public spending on the Trans Mountain pipeline begins to move, you can bet federal leaders will take notice.

If the Liberals keep spending our money to prop up a dying fossil fuel industry, no amount of green infrastructure spending is going to move the needles on carbon emissions. When it comes to the climate emergency, it’s like Trudeau’s trying to bail out the boat without plugging the leak first.




1. CBC: Liberal government to spend $10B on infrastructure to fuel pandemic economic recovery is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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