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A Green and Just Recovery could be on its way thanks to you


I have some great news for you -- thanks to your efforts, last month’s Speech from the Throne was the most progressive in a generation. And now that we know that the NDP will back the government, we can celebrate.

Your pressure calling for a Green and Just Recovery made a difference.

This summer, members like you supported a COVID-safe protest on Parliament Hill with hundreds of handmade windmills representing over 15,000 SumOfUs members calling for an end to oil subsidies and a push for a Just Recovery.

Windmills on the lawn with banner outside Parliament Hill

Not only that, almost 1,000 members sent personalized messages, with a windmill, directly to Trudeau’s office. Check out this video we made about the action.

Then, when Trudeau prorogued Parliament, you took the momentum from the summer to show Minister Freeland, the new Finance Minister, to ensure the Speech from the Throne included the principles for a Green and Just Recovery. Over 2,000... members like you sent emails with your powerful message -- and all your efforts worked!

You have had a MAJOR influence in pushing for what might be the most progressive Speech from the Throne in a generation. Thank you to everyone who signed petitions, sent emails, shared on social media and donated to make this historic moment happen.

But the work isn’t over. We’re working with a massive coalition of groups across the country to ensure that Trudeau’s pretty words turn into real action, all while fighting against disastrous projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline, mass oil subsidies and the trampling of Indigenous rights.

A, can you chip in a special monthly donation to keep our critical work on the Green and Just Recovery going?

Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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