Why Democracy Needs Critical Thinking

A teacher stands at a chalkboard installed on a residential balcony © Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty In classrooms throughout the world, dedicated and principled teachers are helping to cultivate thoughtful, empathetic, and self-confident citizens. All too often, teachers are doing this in the face of government-backed censorship—and even violence—on the one hand, and declining wages on the other. Because we know that supporting teachers today helps secure democratic and open societies for tomorrow, Open Society is committed to not only supporting educators, but working to make sure that the environment outside the classroom respects and honors their essential contributions. Facebook Twitter



The Right Way to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico

People marching with drums and flags Three years after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, aid has been slow, and the recovery has been halting. To help the island rebuild, policymakers need to recognize Puerto Ricans’ right to decide their future for themselves. Facebook Twitter Drug Policy Reform

Farmers in Myanmar Call for Justice

A farmer in a field of poppies A new report, produced by opium farmers themselves, highlights the urgent need to reform an antidrug policy regime that all too often leaves families vulnerable to coercion, corruption, and brutal exploitation. Facebook Twitter Migration and Asylum

What the U.S. Still Owes Undocumented Workers

A group of people standing outside a building In the United States today, “essential” workers are more likely to be immigrants, and many of them are undocumented. Given all that these people have risked to keep society afloat, they deserve far more support. Facebook Twitter A young man in wearing a sweatshirt and baseball cap Instagram

Muslims in America

This week on Instagram, the photographer Carlos Khalil Guzman shares stories from Muslim Americans about what it is like to practice Islam in America today. Facebook Twitter If this message was forwarded to you, please sign up for future updates. Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube LinkedIn © 2020 Open Society Foundations.
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