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Dear Friend,

In the wake of soaring housing prices and reports of cash laundering in BC casinos, British Columbians are outraged at the inaction of the government and private sector to combat money laundering across the province.

In response, the BC government launched the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in BC in 2019. The Commission delayed the hearings to protect the integrity of the electoral process, and now, after the whirlwind of the elections, these important hearings are resuming.

Today is the first day of the main hearings at the Cullen Commission, and the BCCLA is the only civil liberties group at the Commission. We will be making submissions and questioning witnesses who appear before the Commission. The Commission wants to hear from us, and we will make sure that... your rights and liberties are upheld in the fight against money laundering.

Learn more about what’s at stake for your rights and liberties at the Cullen Commission here

Left unchecked, money laundering has significant social and political consequences, and the BCCLA supports efforts to combat it in BC. However, instead of addressing the root causes of money laundering, such as the ongoing drug war, the government’s proposed solutions call for the significant expansion of police powers and the mass collection of private information and data.

The government has also suggested the expansion of surveillance technologies and powers to combat money laundering. This will allow the government to develop massive profiles on people, which is very dangerous. These expanded powers have huge implications for your civil liberties and privacy rights.

Many of these recommendations could have a disproportionate impact on racialized and other oppressed populations – subjecting them to increased scrutiny by the police and government agencies. The BCCLA will not let that stand. You can rest assured that we will work hard to ensure that civil liberties and human rights are front and center at the Commission.

Especially in the midst of a policing crisis and widespread challenges to ever-expanding policing powers, we will put to question whether new, expanded police powers are really necessary to prevent money laundering

Learn more about our work at the Commission here

Money laundering is a legitimate crisis in BC, and we support the Commission’s work to address this problem. But the solution to this problem should not be invasive police powers, increased mass collection of data, or more resources for policing.

Thank you for standing with us.


Megan Tweedie (she/her/hers)
Senior Counsel (Litigation)

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