Escape from America? Well need international solidarity to fight emerging fascism

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 2228 ... October 29, 2020

Escape from America? We’ll need international solidarity to fight emerging fascism

Jonathan Rosenblum

We’ve now reached the quadrennial moment on our shared Turtle Island when some Americans begin to proclaim, "If so-and-so is elected president, then I’m going to Canada." In the past, it’s been easy to dismiss those announcements as impetuous and ungrounded. I certainly remember hearing these declarations years ago in the wake of Bush or Reagan victories. Very few people acted on them. But this year is different, and I’m not referring to the current border closure.

As Leo Panitch aptly noted in "Will Escaping Americans Test Canada’s Capacity for Sympathy?" the presidential "debate" on September 29 removed any façade on American political discourse. It has decayed precipitously, not just in its coarseness but in the danger it represents to many, especially working class activists.

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