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The head of the RCMP stood idly by while commercial fishers terrorized Mi'kmaw lobster fishers in Nova Scotia.

Email the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to fire the RCMP commissioner immediately.

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It’s disgusting -- while commercial fishers consistently escalated violence against Mi’kmaw lobster fishers out East, Brenda Lucki, head of the RCMP, did nothing to intervene. Not until a massive fire burned through a Mi’kmaw lobster pound did Lucki even blink, despite rising tensions for over a month.

This inaction in Nova Scotia is just one incident in a long stream of indifference and violence towards Indigenous People by the RCMP. A few months ago a Mi’kmaw man, Rodney Levi, was shot and killed by the RCMP. And Chief Allan Adam was brutally assaulted by RCMP officers earlier this summer.

This much is clear -- Lucki has no idea how to address the racism that persist within the force -- this summer, she admitted that... she struggled with even the basic definition of structural racism.

This week, Indigenous leadership such as the Assembly of First Nations National Chief and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs are calling for the firing of the head of the RCMP, Commissioner Brenda Lucki. And Trudeau, Lucki’s boss, needs the support from you to make the move.

Please support the call by Indigenous leaders to fire the RCMP commissioner by emailing Trudeau and high level decision makers in Ottawa now.

It’s no wonder that the RCMP has failed to protect Indigenous People over and over again -- the force was created in the 1870s as a paramilitary organization to deal with the so-called “Indian problem” for the commercial interests of white settlers.

And throughout the RCMP’s history, it has supported white settlers terrorizing Indigenous People in the name of commercial interests -- the lobster fishers in Nova Scotia are just the latest example.

Earlier this year, we found out from leaked internal RCMP documents that the police were prepared to shoot and kill Wet’suwet’en land defenders protecting territories from the construction of a natural gas pipeline on behalf of TC Energy Corporation.

And just this week, the hereditary chief of the Secwépemc and three other land defenders were arrested for protesting the Trans Mountain pipeline going through their own land.

It’s clear the RCMP is an organization that is rooted in structural racism, and the head of the RCMP has no idea how to address this problem.

It’s time for the RCMP Commissioner to be held accountable for the systematic racism in her force -- it's time for Trudeau to fire Brenda Lucki.

The RCMP needs to be defunded and eventually replaced with a community-centred, human rights-led organization that puts the safety and Indigenous Rights over commercial interests and corporate profits. And it's clear that members like you are behind the idea -- 11,000 people like you already signed a SumOfUs petition started by Indigenous Leader, William Norris, calling for the defunding and eventual abolishment of the RCMP.

And the momentum is gathering nationwide, 51% of the Canadians polled in an Ipsos poll support the defunding of the police in Canada. The first step in defunding the RCMP is acknowledgement of wrongdoing by the organization by holding its leadership accountable for the failure to address structural and individual racism within the force.

Join First Nations leaders in calling for the firing of Becky Lucki from her post by emailing Trudeau and his Cabinet.

Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet could fire her at any time they choose. We know they’re on the defensive after prominent Indigenous organizations called for her dismissal.

We’ve helped get this issue to the top of the national consciousness - and we’re going to keep pushing until Commissioner Brenda Lucki resigns or is fired. Then we’ll use our power to turn our vision of healthy and safe communities into reality - by abolishing the RCMP.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Amelia, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

AFN chief calls for resignation of RCMP commissioner as N.S. fishery dispute continues, CBC, Oct. 23, 2020
Canadians Divided on Whether to Defund the Police: 51% Support the Idea, 49% Oppose It , Ipsos, Jul. 23, 2020

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