Mark Zuckerberg: Do Your Job

Violent extremists are using Facebook to intimidate voters, and preparing to rally their troops if Trump doesn't win the election. That's why a huge coalition of civil society groups is pushing Facebook to adopt some simple policy changes -- like banning incitement to violence -- ahead of the vote. Add your name:

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Violent extremists are using Facebook to intimidate voters and rally support for an armed revolt if Trump doesn't win the election.

With the final result expected to take weeks, it's a recipe for disaster -- but we have a plan.

Civil society groups around the world are joining together asking Facebook to take simple steps to prevent an election disaster -- like banning ads and other content that incites violence. It could take away these extremists' ability to create chaos. Will you join us?

Facebook: prevent violence, protect the vote!

Last time this big a coalition of groups came together, they created the... Stop Hate for Profit movement calling on companies to boycott Facebook ads. That effort got massive media attention, brought Facebook to the bargaining table, and sparked a global conversation about platform responsibility for hateful and violent content.

And Facebook continues to back down under enormous public pressure -- just this week, they took down a network of inauthentic accounts posting US political content after an outside investigation.

With just days until the election and Facebook still being used to spread lies and delegitimize election results -- we need to dial up the pressure more than ever.

A few straightforward, unbiased tweaks -- like demoting the top fake news super-spreader groups, and hiring more content moderators -- is not too much to ask. Join the international call demanding Mark Zuckerberg do *right now* what he's promised for so long -- and clean up Facebook's act:

Tell Facebook: protect the election!

Civil rights leaders, organisations and activists have been raising the alarm for years. With a world-critical election now days away, the need to act has never been greater. Let's add our voices to a growing chorus demanding Facebook execs do their job and stop putting us all in danger.

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