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Webinars explore the impacts of the criminal justice system, alternatives, and ways forward

In 1981, Canadian Quakers became the first religious body to call for the abolishment of prisons. What are the alternatives to a punitive justice system? What steps can be taken to address systemic... racism in Canada? Are we ready for fundamental change?

Beginning November 5th, Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC) is offering a three-part webinar series on the topic of shifting punitive perspectives. With the help of panelists, CFSC will examine the impacts of the existing criminal justice system, possible alternatives, and next steps.

We invite you to join us in examining our own perspectives, preconceptions, and roles in systemic racism.

Learn more here: https://quakerservice.ca/owf

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Joint statement on Mi’kmaw fishing rights

The members of the Coalition for the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which includes CFSC, are appalled by acts of violence and intimidation against Mi’kmaw fishers exercising their Constitutionally protected, legally affirmed, inherent, and Treaty rights.

The federal and provincial governments bear responsibility for their long-standing failure to ensure that rights affirmed by the Supreme Court 21 years ago are protected and respected. Read the full joint statement at: https://quakerservice.ca/MikmawFishingRights

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Would you know you were talking to an AI?

A new post on Psychology Today looks at how divergent interpretations of the same events can drive bitter conflicts. This is introduced with a surprising example: people talking to what later turns out to be an artificial intelligence chat bot! Would you know you were talking to an AI?

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