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Tomorrow's the last day to submit our questions for the TMX AGM. r1


I'll keep it quick. Tomorrow is the last day to submit our questions for the Trans Mountain Crown corporation's upcoming AGM on November 17th.

I wanted to make sure that you got this message so that you have a chance to submit your questions before the deadline. Click here to send in your question in less than a minute.

Thousands of people have already flooded Trans Mountain's inbox with their questions. Trudeau bought TMX with public money. That makes you, me, and every single person in this country a shareholder in this Crown corporation. Let's make sure our voices are heard.




Today marks 500 days since the Trudeau government declared a climate emergency. Today also marks 499 days since they called into question the sincerity of that move when they approved the Trans Mountain pipeline.

We know the climate crisis is accelerating and we know the fossil fuel era needs to come to an end as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve been pushing so hard for the government to defund TMX.

This week we have an opportunity to raise the stakes. Trans Mountain, the Crown corporation the... government created when they nationalized the TMX pipeline, is holding their Annual General Meeting on November 17th. We just found out that they’re accepting questions from the public, but only until November 3rd.1

Will you take a moment to send them some tough questions? We’ve created an online tool that lets you submit your question in less than a minute.

There are only 3,350 days until the end of the decade. That might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. Think about the fundamental transformations we need to undertake as a society by then, think about how deeply we need to slash emissions (by 50% by 2030 at the latest), and reflect on how quickly the past 500 days have slipped by. We’re running out of time.

The decisions our federal leaders make now will impact generations to come. So let’s make sure we speak up and make our voices heard at Trans Mountain’s AGM. After all, as taxpayers, we’re all unwilling shareholders in the Trans Mountain corporation.

Will you send an email to Trans Mountain Corporation asking them why they’re putting our money into a pipeline while the climate emergency accelerates?

This might seem like a small action. But it matters. If we don’t speak up, the only voices that will be heard at this meeting are the voices of oil executives who have spent years profiting from the climate crisis. We’re doing this to show that people all over the country reject this project. We’re doing this to show that we have a stake in this fight and we won’t back down until the pipeline is stopped.



PS - On November 17th, the day of Trans Mountain's AGM, we will rise up to sound the alarm on the climate crisis for politicians across the country. There will be actions taking place from coast to coast to coast, click here to find one near you, or sign up to host one in your community.


1. Canada Development Investment Corporation - Notice of Annual Public Meeting is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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