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It's election night in America -- where I call home. My wife just pulled herself away from the TV to bring our fast asleep daughter upstairs to bed and I'm sitting here feeling sick to my stomach.

I am so ready to be sure, to plan for a future where my family is protected, and safe. To know that communities facing four more years of racist attacks, immigration raids and violence are instead able to look forward to a tiny sliver of hope and change.

I am ready to begin campaigning for all the things that were impossible for the past four years -- a sane climate policy, trans rights, expanded immigration, police reform....

But instead we are still in it, in the muck, the fight, the scary uncertainty of a contested election. And more than ever, we need the help of the whole world to survive this moment.

This week, people from across the globe will be showing up at US embassies calling for government officials to protect the results, count every vote, and enforce the outcome. It sounds absurd, but there's a very real possibility that domestic terrorism, fake news and corruption will help Donald Trump hold on to power,... even if the public voted for Joe Biden.

But if the world gathers together in solidarity with Americans, we have a chance at stopping that really scary outcome.

Call on leaders around the world to respect the wishes of US voters.

We’ve been working with groups around the world who are planning as we speak to bring your message to decision makers and US embassies. By signing the petition, your names will be brought to protests at US embassies and in front of decision makers' offices all across the world.

And, at the same time, SumOfUs members in America will be flooding the streets of all major US cities calling for government officials to protect the result. I know it will be incredible for all of them to see how the rest of this community came together and fought for their future and their basic rights.

I'll be out there too, in the streets with my family, fighting for a future where we get to stay a family.

Add your name calling on leaders from around the world to do everything in their power to ensure a peaceful transfer of power in the United States.

With hope and determination,
Emma and the rest of the SumOfUs team

SumOfUs is a community of people from around the world committed to curbing the growing power of corporations. We want to buy from, work for and invest in companies that respect the environment, treat their workers well and respect democracy. And we’re not afraid to stand up to them when they don’t.

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