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Let's focus on Canada for a second. On November 17th we're taking action. r1


The last few days have been a real emotional rollercoaster for all of us here at I’m sure you can relate. It’s undeniable that with less than a decade left to tackle the climate crisis, the outcome of the United States election will have a massive impact on the entire world. But right now, as our neighbours down south diligently continue their efforts to count every vote, I want to bring the focus back to Canada.

As I write this, the Trans Mountain Crown corporation is using taxpayer money to bulldoze ahead with construction on the TMX pipeline.1

This is a project that would transport 890,000 barrels of tar sands oil to BC’s coast every single day. And, it’s moving forward with the support of the entire federal cabinet.2

Canadian politicians are simply not meeting the crises we’re facing at the scale we need -- in fact, they are actively compromising our shot at a livable climate and spending billions of taxpayer dollars doing so. It’s up to us to wake them up to the climate emergency.

That’s why, on November 17th, people across... the country will take action to Sound the Alarm. Check out to find an action near you or sign up to host one of your own.

We’re taking action on November 17th because that’s the same day as Trans Mountain’s Annual General Meeting.3 Since Trudeau went ahead and bought the pipeline with public money, he made every single person in Canada a shareholder in the TMX Crown corporation. Now, he’s trying to leave us out of decisions about this destructive project.

Usually, corporations use their Annual General Meetings to hear concerns and questions from their shareholders. Unsurprisingly, Trans Mountain isn’t making it easy for the public to participate. So we're taking it upon ourselves to make sure our voices as shareholders are heard.

Local organizers in cities across the country from Victoria to Winnipeg to Toronto have already added their actions to our map. And we expect to add more cities to the action map in the coming days. I can’t wait for you to see what myself and other activists are planning here in Ottawa.

Let’s send a clear message on November 17. We need action now to defund Trans Mountain and invest in a Green New Deal that works for people and the planet. Join us to Sound the Alarm.

People all across the world have woken up to alarms, health warnings, and evacuation alerts because of wildfires, storms, flooding, and dangerous air quality. They can’t ignore the climate crisis and neither should our politicians.

At the break of dawn on November 17th, we’re sounding the alarm on the climate emergency. In song and story, with noisemakers and light, we’ll shake politicians out of their complacency. Will you join us?



PS - A huge thanks to everyone who sent in questions for the Trans Mountain AGM before the deadline on Tuesday. Together, we sent in nearly 3,000 emails demanding answers on the TMX pipelines. Check out our Instagram post to see some of the top questions submitted to the Trans Mountain Crown corporation from shareholders like you and me. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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