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Corporations connect us all through the food we consume, to rainforest destruction and human rights violations. But politicians can break the chain.

Tell the European Commission to propose a strong EU law to ban imports linked to deforestation and abuses.

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Precious forests are burned to the ground to make way for soy used in animal feed, or palm oil in countless consumer products. That’s how corporations can connect us all to deforestation.

But the European Commission is looking for ideas right now to tackle the problem -- to stop EU consumption destroying our planet.

It's a golden opportunity, and not only for Europeans: A strong EU law to keep products linked to environmental destruction and human rights abuses out of the EU could have a massive impact around the world.

Demand the European Commission protects our forests NOW

Forests are essential. From producing the oxygen we breathe to purifying our water, and providing shelter to millions of plants, animals and people. Forests do it all for us. Moreover, healthy forests protect us from diseases and viruses, and they are critical for absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere which is the key to reversing climate chaos.

As consumers, shareholders, and workers, we want to be sure the products we buy contain sustainably produced ingredients - we want to keep our plates and cupboards deforestation-free. But corporations pay armies of lobbyists to subdue Brussels, and fight anything that looks like a threat to their business interests.

As a major consumer market, trading bloc and financial player, the EU has a unique power and the duty to tackle its own consumption and set the rules straight on what products should be allowed on its market. The EU should also lead complementary efforts at global, national and local levels, including securing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

We are asking the European Commission for a strong law that stops products linked to deforestation from entering the EU market by the end of 2021. This law is now within reach, but we need your support to make it happen. Let the European Commission know you care about our planet and demand a change now!

Click here to make sure the EU makes protecting our planet’s most precious ecosystems a top priority.

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