Tell federal leaders to be brave on climate

Canada's first net zero emissions act was just tabled. It's not great. r1


Earlier this morning, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson tabled new proposed climate legislation for Canada. The “Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act” is meant to finally put Canada on track to meet the climate crisis.

But, like so many of this government’s climate promises, there is a massive gap between their words and the actions they’re ready to take. The earliest milestone set in this bill is for 2030 which leaves us without a plan to cut emissions over the critical next decade. It leaves too much room for the fossil fuel industry to get away with expanding. And, it doesn’t include any clear promises for how Canada’s climate accountability lines up with respect for Indigenous rights and the need to create millions of decent, green jobs.

We can change that by demanding ambition and calling on our leaders in Ottawa to bring this bill in line with the pillars of a made-in-Canada Green New Deal.

Click here to send a message to Jonathan Wilkinson and environment critics from all the federal parties calling on them to work together and amend this bill so it does what we... truly need.

We can win this. A minority government means the Liberals will need cross-party support to get this bill passed. And, three of the other four parties in the House of Commons all have stronger climate plans than Justin Trudeau and Jonathan Wilkinson. That means we have a real chance to make politics work for the people, not big polluters. We can win amendments to this climate plan that bring it in line with the four pillars of a made-in-Canada Green New Deal: listening to the best available science, respecting Indigenous rights, creating millions of good, green jobs, and enshrining justice, dignity, and equity for all communities.

To make this happen, we need to make some serious noise. That starts with sending a message to those politicians working closest to this issue. Send a message today and let’s get started.

Making this bill stronger means winning bolder climate targets and deeper emissions cuts. It means actually putting us on a path toward meeting our targets by legislating concrete plans that are in line with a bold and ambitious Green New Deal.

Once we’ve built critical mass, we’ll take the next steps together to turn up the heat and push for the kind of climate action that science and justice demand.

Together, we can win this.


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