No new pipelines needed?

Now, more than ever we need to demand climate policy that listens to science. r1


We got some groundbreaking news today. The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) released a new report showing that the Trans Mountain and Keystone XL pipelines are incompatible with action on climate change.1

That’s right. An arm of the federal government has explicitly pointed out the blatant contradiction in Trudeau's proclamations that action on the climate crisis can happen alongside tar sands expansion.2

This news makes a strong case for the government to deliver on ambitious climate policy that listens to science and leads the transition off fossil fuels. That’s exactly what we’ve been calling for by demanding measures to strengthen Bill C-12, the net-zero climate accountability bill tabled in Parliament last week. Will you add your voice as well?

The CER’s report confirms that real climate action means leading the transition off fossil fuels now. The first step is killing pipeline projects that would fuel tar sands expansion far beyond what our climate can afford. The only way to do that properly is by getting to work on climate policy that’s in line with climate science and sets the foundation for a just transition.

That’s why we’re sending letters... to the Environment Minister and Environment Critics from across all federal parties calling on them to strengthen Bill C-12. Our demands are simple:

  1. Set a 2025 target ASAP. It’s unacceptable that the earliest target in the proposed legislation is for 2030.
  1. Ban fossil fuel executives from the advisory board. Big Oil shouldn’t have a hand in writing our climate policy. End of story.
  1. Align this bill with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous nations must be equal partners in climate action.
  1. Include Just Transition accountability. The bill should include a requirement to set and meet ambitious climate job creation targets to ensure a just transition that leaves no one behind.

Do you agree that federal leaders from across party lines should work together to meet our four demands and strengthen Bill C-12? Sign the letter now.

Honestly, it feels incredibly affirming to hear the Canada Energy Regulator echo what our movement has been saying for over a decade. Time’s up for Big Oil. Let’s make sure we’re heard.

In respect and peace,


PS - I hope that today’s news can act as a wake-up call for politicians across the country. Canada simply can’t afford to spend billions in public dollars on the Trans Mountain pipeline when it is completely out of step with meeting Canada’s climate commitments. If you haven’t yet, sign the petition calling on them to Defund TMX.

PPS - With President-Elect Biden about to take office, Trudeau’s focus should be on working with the US to strengthen North American climate policy -- not lobbying for the Keystone XL pipeline. Sign the open letter calling on Biden to keep his promise and cancel KXL.


  1. Canada Energy Regulator: Canada’s Energy Future 2020 (Page 14)
  2. The Star: Canada Energy Regulator projects there may be no need for Trans Mountain expansion is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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