Breaking: Trudeau announces $15 billion for climate action but remains silent on TMX

Will you take a minute now to tell Trudeau to choose people and the planet over this climate wrecking pipeline? r1


Today, Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Wilkinson made a major announcement committing $15 billion to reduce emissions and create two million green jobs.1

This is huge. The government is finally making a concrete commitment to deliver components of a Green New Deal that puts people and the planet first.

Of course, today’s commitments also leave a lot to be desired. Trudeau has kept the woefully inadequate Harper-era climate targets, and at least $3 billion of the funding announced today is slated to be handouts to Big Oil.

But, even if you set these problems aside, something doesn’t add up. According to Trudeau’s own agencies, the Canada Energy Regulator and the Parliamentary Budget Office, these plans are incompatible with building the Trans Mountain pipeline.2

We can’t have both -- a bold plan to act on climate and a federally funded climate-wrecking pipeline. Will you take a minute now to tell Trudeau to choose people and the planet over this climate-wrecking pipeline?

5 years ago, I attended the UN climate talks as part of the Canadian Youth Delegation. I was in the room when... the Trudeau government adopted the historic Paris Climate Agreement. It was a monumental moment.

Now, at the 5 year anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, this government is finally starting to close the gap between their actions and the ambition, courage, and urgency that the climate crisis demands. But they are still falling short. Especially if they continue spending more on a climate-wrecking pipeline than they are on their plans for climate action.

Trudeau said it best today when he said "science is not a pick and choose buffet.” I couldn’t agree more. Acting on science means TMX is simply not on the menu. Let’s make sure he gets the message loud and clear.




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2. iPolitics: Trans Mountain’s profitability depends on climate action, says budget watchdog is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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