We made it through 2020

Every single contribution, big or small, makes a huge difference. r1

Dear PAOV,

It’s been a tough year but we made it. 2020 is almost over. I want to express my gratitude for everything that you’ve done to support 350 and the movement for climate justice this year. Despite a global pandemic, an economic recession, and many other unexpected challenges, we’ve accomplished so much together.

Early on in the year, we got some good news. People power stopped the Teck Frontier Mine — the largest tar sands expansion project ever proposed. When the pandemic hit, we worked with hundreds of groups, unions, and organizations across the country to build a mass movement for a just recovery that sets us up to build back better. And, through the year, we kept up momentum for a Green New Deal that re-tools our economy to tackle the climate crisis.

Today, I’m asking you to make a contribution to keep building on everything we’ve accomplished. We’ve got some big plans for 2021 and we need your help to make sure we can see them through. Here’s what we have planned for the year ahead:

Green New Deal: Big Oil is already doubling down on their efforts... to weaken climate action. That’s why in 2021, we will fight to bring climate legislation, like Bill C-12, in line with a Green New Deal that works for people and the planet.

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground: In 2021, we'll keep opposing the flow of public dollars into Trans Mountain. And, once President-Elect Biden takes office, we’ll remind him that Canadians want him to keep his promise and finally cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. Thanks to people power, these pipelines keep getting delayed, in 2021 we can stop them once and for all.

Election: We're hearing whispers that Trudeau may call a snap federal election in the spring. In the last election, we know that Big Oil poured billions into a propaganda campaign to advance their nefarious interests. We might not have that kind of money but we will be ready to build a massive people-powered movement to ensure that climate and a Green New Deal are front and centre in this pivotal election.

As you can see, we’ve got some ambitious plans. In order to achieve them, it will be critical for us to meet our $500,000 fundraising goal.

Every single contribution, big or small, makes a huge difference. If you’re able, can you make a donation to help us meet our fundraising target?

I’ll say it again, 2020 was a tough year. But, as I look back at it, it also brings me a tremendous amount of hope. We’ve seen people across the country act with compassion to care for their community by supporting struggling neighbours, applauding frontline workers, and simply staying home. We’ve seen that with political will, our government can heed scientific warnings and meet a public emergency at the scale it demands. We’ve seen that it is possible to introduce new social nets and worker protection programs to take care of people across the country. We’ve seen that it is possible to retool our economy to tackle a crisis.

In so many ways, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what’s possible if we really treated the climate emergency like an emergency. In 2021, we’re ready to win what we know is 100% possible. We’re going to win a Green New Deal.

I hope that you will stand with us.

With hope,



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