New Vehicle Production Announced at GM Oshawa

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New Vehicle Production Announced at GM Oshawa

Green Jobs Oshawa (GJO) is a project that began in late 2019 in a struggle against the closure of the historic GM Oshawa assembly complex, where the workers are organized into Unifor Local 222. Workers from the main assembly and supplier plants, retirees, activists from other unions in the Durham region and elsewhere, and environmentalists came together to build a movement that pointed in several exciting new directions to address plant closures.

Green Jobs Oshawa challenged – and continues to challenge – the limited perspectives of the Unifor national leadership. GJO argued for nationalization of the plant, conversion of the facility to produce environmentally-friendly electric fleet vehicles for governments, and integration of the complex with a future of democratic planning, sustainable... manufacturing, and production of vehicles and other goods that might also address environmental needs.

They have argued for production of N-95 protective masks, and the use of the facility to play a role in taking on urgent equipment needs for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the closure of the main assembly work, the Oshawa plant retained a relatively small crew of workers producing aftermarket parts, and another producing the less critical surgical masks. More recently, GM announced its plan to rebuild parts of the facility to assemble pickup trucks – part of a company-wide plan to expand production of the hot-selling gasoline-driven vehicles with their high profit margins.

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