How do we Fix Long-Term Care?

How do we Fix Long-Term Care? r1 ... Caring is a strenght Hi Friend,

COVID-19 has put thousands of our loved ones at risk and it is only getting worse. The vast majority of COVID-19 deaths in Canada have occurred in for-profit long-term care homes with no solution in sight. It is clear: Long-term care is in crisis.

At the Council, we’ve been working with you and allies to eliminate for-profit long-term care. Now, we are also joining the call to make one of the worst for-profit corporations public, starting with Revera Inc. As the first step, Revera is the perfect place to start – because it’s owned by public workers through their pension plan, and we’re with them in this fight.

We know that for-profit health care does not work. For decades, we have warned governments about the dangers of for-profit long-term care, but COVID-19 has turned long-term care into a national crisis.

Right now, companies are failing to provide PPE, hire enough staff, and keep patients alive. If nothing changes, 2,000 more people in long-term care homes will die by year’s end.
Enough is Enough
Revera is an example of everything that is wrong with for-profit long-term care. While other corporations are just as bad, Revera Inc. presents a unique possibility for change – we have the power to take Revera into public ownership.

By taking Revera public, we can reimagine long-term care and better protect our loved ones and their caregivers.

Click the button below to learn why long-term care needs to change, and why Revera needs to be publicly owned. WATCH REVERA VIDEO If you haven’t signed the petition in support of our elderly in long-term care and seniors’ care homes yet, will you take a moment to do it now? Keep up the pressure and call on the federal government to act urgently to ensure all seniors have the care they need.


Christina Warner
Director of Campaigns and Organizing r71

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