Amazon Workers Are Organizing a Global Struggle

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Amazon Workers Are Organizing a Global Struggle

Natasha Lennard

In recent weeks, dizzying statistics have circulated on social media about Amazon’s pandemic-era boom and the obscene wealth accrued by its CEO, and Earth’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. The company reported revenue of $96.1-billion just last quarter, which, according to the Institute for Policy Studies, means Bezos could personally pay Amazon’s 876,000 workers a bonus of $105,000 each – and would still be as filthy rich as he was prior to the pandemic. Warehouse workers in the US and UK, who have been forced into perilous proximity while dealing with the surge in orders, have been offered a $300 holiday... bonus. Many who toil in other areas of Amazon’s vast supply chain will receive far less, if anything at all.

Numerous business publications framed the trillion-dollar empire’s bonuses as a generous offering. “Amazon spends another $500-million on bonuses. Some of its workers are still going on strike,” read a CNN Business headline. The notion conveyed apparent incredulity that low-wage employees would fight for more from a corporation famed for worker abuses, such as pressure for productivity that saw warehouse employees reportedly urinating in bottles so as to avoid bathroom breaks.

The incredulity is misplaced. Yes, Amazon workers are escalating the ongoing struggle for their rights, protections, as well as fair pay – and, for the first time, the strategy is international.

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