We're fighting for the rights of young people in Alberta

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This year, the Alberta government broke its promise to young adults raised in government care.

In January, the government passed a law reducing the age until which young adults raised in government care could receive financial and emotional benefits to help them transition to independence. The cut off age was reduced from 24 to 22.

One of the young people affected by this change, A.C. (whose identity is protected by a publication ban), brought forward a challenge to this law.

I appeared in court on behalf of the BCCLA to support this challenge. As an intervener in this case, we argued that this broken promise violated the Charter rights of young people. We argued that the government has a responsibility to protect A.C.’s life, liberty and security of person, and removing these benefits shirks that responsibility.

Watch the video below, where I explain what’s at stake in this case:

When someone’s rights are violated, they deserve justice. Not everyone... has the ability to challenge the government on their unjust actions. Not everyone has the capacity to appear in court dozens of times per year with the full might of a legal team.

But we do. We’re a small organization, but we want to have a big impact in the fight for justice.

Our lawyers dedicate hundreds of hours to building strong legal arguments. We bring these arguments to court to fight for what is right.

There are many more cases like this that need our attention. As the year comes to an end, we are looking forward to bringing our fighting spirit to court in 2021.

Thank you for your support this year. Whether you’ve read our emails, shared our social media posts, talked to loved ones about our work, or made a donation, you’ve taken action.

Thank you for joining us in our fight for a more just world.

With gratitude,

Jessica Magonet (she/her)
Staff Lawyer (Litigation)

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