Taking action against a power grab

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It has been a relentless year. Governments, both provincial and federal, have taken measures to contain the spread of a deadly virus. The BCCLA supports reasonable health measures implemented to contain Covid-19.

However, at the same time, governments are taking actions that violate people’s rights, dignity and liberty.

For example, Alberta’s provincial government passed Bill 10, a dangerous law that allows cabinet ministers to unilaterally write new laws without any oversight from the Legislative Assembly or the public.

This is not right. This law is unjust, and will negatively impact marginalized people.

Will you join us in our fight for a more just world? We’re trying to raise $30,000 to support 3 interventions next year. Please make a donation today.

Marginalized and oppressed people have a right to fully participate in a democratic process. Open parliamentary processes that can be scrutinized by media and the public are a crucial measure against oppression. Bill 10 removes that measure. We... appeared in court to argue that this law should be overturned.

In the video below, I explain what’s at stake in this case.

This power grab cannot stand. That’s why we took action and appeared in court.

Taking action is important because these decisions are harmful and have profoundly negative impacts on people’s lives, particularly for oppressed communities. These communities have the most difficulty getting redress for rights violations, even though they are the most susceptible to rights abuses.

I’ve told you about one of the cases we’re working on right now. There are more like this that need our urgent attention next year. We want to take those on, but we need your support to make it happen.

We want to raise $30,000 to support 3 interventions next year. Will you make a donation by December 31 and help us reach our goal?

With your donation, our lawyers will be able to spend time and resources to bring the strongest argument to court. You’ll join us in making sure that court rulings are made with the rights of oppressed communities in mind.

With hope,

Grace Pastine (she/her)
Litigation Director

PS – These fights are long. They require resources and creative tactics. Will you make a donation of $50 and join us in the fight for a more just world?

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