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You probably haven't seen my name in your inbox before, that's because I work as the team lead for 350 here in Japan.

I'm reaching out to you today to first say thank you. Since I started at 350, I have seen our movement blossom in every corner of the world, and I am continuously inspired by the campaigns my teammates are spearheading in Canada.

PAOV, this has been a huge year for us here on the Japan team, so I wanted to share a few highlights about one of our biggest campaigns:

  • First, we identified three of Japan's major banks as the top three lenders to coal developers worldwide.

  • Then, we mobilized into action. We called on Japan’s three megabanks — Mitsubishi (MUFG), Sumitomo (SMBC), and Mizuho — to completely phase out financing for coal-fired power and establish a fossil fuel phase out strategy aligned with the Paris Agreement.

  • Now, more than 109 groups from all over the world have signed the petition. Thanks to our pressure, Mitsubishi — the largest banking institution in Japan — just announced their new goal of erasing $3.58 billion loan balances for coal-fired power projects by 2040.

The truth is that campaign... victories like these are impossible without supporters like you. Here at 350, we rely on lots of people chipping in, primarily from emails like this one, so we can scale-up our global climate movement while staying rooted in local organising.

December is a VERY important month for our fundraising team, because how much we raise this month determines what we can accomplish next year. So I am asking you humbly:

Can you make a $3.50 donation to so we can build a global climate movement? Your donation will go a very long way in our ability to launch massive organising campaigns in 2021 and beyond.

I believe it is important that we share the stories of struggle and success with one another. And I am proud to tell you that our finance campaign in Japan is only one of hundreds of movement-led programmes 350 is spearheading around the globe.

My colleagues in Canada are planning some pretty iconic campaigns for the upcoming year — from organising for a Green New Deal to the fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground — they are mobilising a people powered movement from the bottom on up.

Across the organization we are wrapping up the planning stages of our big campaign moments for 2021, and in all honesty, what we are able to raise this month will determine how ambitious we can be next year.

I also know this year has been very difficult, and you may not be able to make a donation today. But if you are able to donate, your support today will mean a lot to someone who wants to, but may not be able to contribute right now.

Please make a $3.50 contribution — only if you can afford to — to help build a global movement rooted in local campaigns around the world.

Thank you again for taking a moment to read this email. I look forward to connecting more next year and continuing to hear about the amazing work you're doing from across the Pacific, and across a few other seas as well. :)

Taka Yokoyama

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