Start a new year with peace education

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To everyone who has donated so far: thank you!

This year has been a wild one and we know that many of you are struggling in different ways. So we are particularly grateful this year for everyone who has taken the time to read the letter we mailed out or visit our Annual Report site and make a year-end donation so far! Thank you!

This is your last chance to get a 2020... tax receipt so please, if you haven't done so yet, throw windows of opportunity wide open, help to continue the work for justice and peace, donate now.

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Start 2021 with peace education

At the 1999 Hague Peace Conference (the largest international peace conference in history), participants from around the world agreed that to help in the work of building cultures of peace, both formal and informal education needed to include peace skill development. The Global Campaign for Peace Education was born. The campaign's goals are:

  1. To build public awareness and political support for the introduction of peace education into all spheres of education, including non-formal education, in all schools throughout the world.
  2. To promote the education of all teachers to teach for peace.

CFSC is pleased to endorse the Global Campaign for Peace Education. If so led, you can too:

As part of our contribution to peace education, CFSC plans to once again offer a five-week-long interactive workshop series online in 2021.

Participants will discuss, practice, and learn from each other about topics from our book Are We Done Fighting?: prejudice, power, conflict, effective communication skills, belief, polarization, inner peace, and more.

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