I am writing to ask if you would please make your first $3.50 contribution before our critical fundraising deadline ends at midnight. - May

Time is running out r1


In just a moment, I am going to ask you to make a contribution to 350. I hope that you will give me a chance to explain why this request — especially today — is so important.

Here is the truth:

Tonight at midnight, we close the books on our end of year fundraising deadline.

When that happens, we are going to quickly update our budget based on how much we raised. And then, we are going to get to work using those donations to launch campaigns targeting the fossil fuel industry in virtually every corner of the globe.

So our job between right now and midnight tonight is not just to raise as much money as we can, but to generate as many donations as we possibly can as well. Because when you are taking on the climate crisis on this scale, it means everyone has a role to play.

So with the clock racing toward midnight, I have to ask:

Can you add your first $3.50 contribution before our critical fundraising deadline ends at midnight? This is a hugely important deadline, and I would not be asking if it were not so important for our movement.

Our movement... is about more than stopping the worst effects of the climate crisis, we are truly building a global effort of ordinary people coming together from every corner of the planet to end the age of fossil fuels. We only have one chance — and that is together. So thank you for chipping in before this deadline ends tonight. It means a lot.

In solidarity,

May Boeve
Executive Director


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