In 2021, let's fight for what's right

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Hi Friend,

As one of our supporters, we know you care about many different issues.

Whether it’s ending police harms or protecting our democratic rights - we’ve likely secured victories on an issue you care deeply about.

Thank you so much for supporting our work this year, and helping us secure victories for our collective rights and wellbeing.

When someone’s rights are violated, they deserve justice. Not everyone has the ability to challenge the government on their unjust actions.

But we do. We’re a small organization, but we want to have a big impact in the fight for justice.

Every day, our lawyers are fighting for what’s right.

Legal processes can be long and complicated. It takes creative tactics and resources to fight these battles. Our lawyers dedicate hundreds of hours to building strong legal arguments. They stand up for justice with conviction and a fighting spirit.

As we close out the year, I invite you to make a donation to support our... work. We can bring our collective fighting spirits into the New Year. We can begin the year ready to fight for justice.

If you make a donation by midnight tonight, you’ll receive a 2020 tax receipt.

I hope you’ll make a donation today.

Warm wishes for a very happy new year,

Sambriddhi Nepal (she/her)
Director of Engagement and Development

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