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Yesterday far-right extremists stormed the US Capitol, and now four people are dead. Trump used social media to incite this horrific incident. Facebook and Twitter have temporarily suspended Trump's account -- let's call on the platforms to ban Trump permanently!

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Yesterday violent far-right extremists stormed the US Capitol, and now four people are dead because of it.

This was an attempted coup in action, and Trump inspired it. He fanned the flames by tweeting about the "fraudulent" election and for his supporters to "stay strong".

Twitter temporarily suspended Trump's account for 12 hours, and Facebook for 2 weeks. But after yesterday's horror, the platforms must ban him permanently:

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More information:

Twitter, Facebook lock Trump’s accounts amid D.C. riots Washington Post, January 6, 2021
4 dead, Congress evacuated, National Guard activated after pro-Trump rioters storm Capitol NBC News, January 7, 2021

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