Left Coast Events Bulletin is retiring

Hello wonderful activist friends,
After countless years (I think it all started around 2000?) I’m retiring the weekly Left Coast Events Bulletin. A big thanks to Chris Cook and Gorilla Radio for airing it at CFUV all these many years.
The world has changed … when I started the project email was a brand new thing, most people were still getting their activist event information from posters on bulletin boards. All these years later we’re all plugged in and event bulletins are plentiful, depending on our area of focus we can meet with people all over the world to learn and share and strategize and activate.
Now, Covid is shining a bright light on the horrors of animal exploitation and I’m now fully focussed on animal activism. Interestingly I find that working to liberate our animal cousins, and build a compassionate vegan world, offers much hope and optimism in these dark times.
Honestly until Covid I didn’t know that Flu, and HIV, and Sars, and Mers, and now Covid, and most other infectious diseases only exist because of our exploitation of animals and their environment. Now, after the virus has been injected into many many innocent... animals (including primates) in an effort to produce a vaccine, Covid is mutating, and being transferred from humans to wild animals like captive mink. If now’s not the best time to choose plant based, to go vegan, then there is no best time.
If you’re interested in hearing what animal activists and advocates around the world are involved with, you are most welcome to listen my Plant Powered Radio project, via CFUV Tuesdays at 11 am. It’s also available in Youtube video and podcast format - https://linktr.ee/plantpoweredradio
It’s been an honour knowing you and working with you, and if you’re involved in the plant based revolution I’m sure our paths will cross.
I’ll leave you with wishes for good health, and a poem a friend of mine recently wrote. It speaks to what so many of us feeling, and trying so determinedly to say.
For the animals.
Stay safe

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