New Year Calls for a New COVID-19 Strategy

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New Year Calls for a New COVID-19 Strategy

David Camfield and Claudyne Chevrier

As 2021 begins, many people in Manitoba are hopeful that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. The number of infections reported is falling. Effective vaccines have been approved and will eventually become widely available. Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from over and the worst could still lie ahead.

Manitoba, like most jurisdictions in Canada except the Atlantic provinces and Northern territories, is using a public-health strategy for responding to COVID-19 that hasn’t given us the protection and positive outcomes that we could have expected. This strategy – one of mitigation, to use the epidemiological... term – has aimed to keep the virus from spreading so much that sick people overwhelm the hospital system.

Building the Canadian Shield: A New Strategy to Protect Canadians from COVID and from the Fight Against COVID, a new report from the COVID Strategic Choices Group – a task force made up of scientists, medical doctors, economists and top corporate figures – is clear: “The sad reality is that even the most aggressive or innovative tactics cannot save a failing strategy.”

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