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Bringing It Home

by Nancy Russell

In the summer of 2020, the catastrophic death of George Floyd created a sudden swell of public attention regarding calls to defund the police, the over-representation of Black and Indigenous people in the criminal justice system, and systemic racism in Canada. CFSC discerned the need to respond, and began planning for a new project—The Only Way Forward...

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Former Member of Parliament Romeo Saganash and Jennifer Preston pose in the House of Commons after Bill C-262 passed in the House.

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act

by Jennifer Preston

On December 3, 2020, Minister of Justice David Lametti tabled Bill C-15, a federal government bill to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This is intended to provide the overdue framework for the federal government to work cooperatively with Indigenous peoples to implement the rights affirmed in the UN Declaration in both law and policy... Keep reading ››

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Do you see a young woman looking away, or an old woman's profile? This famous image was carefully designed to be ambiguous, letting the viewer make their own interpretation.


by Matthew Legge

For several years my service work with CFSC has involved researching conflicts of all types, as well as various peacebuilding skills and techniques. In 2020 associate member Trevor Chandler and I began facilitating online workshops to help people practice some of these techniques. Over 100 people have taken part so far. In these many conversations, and in the research I’ve done, I’ve seen certain patterns emerge. One that’s particularly important is the powerful role that interpretation plays... Keep reading ››

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