We're just a few signatures shy of meeting our goal

Will you sign the petition calling on Trudeau to deliver a Just Transition Act? r1


I'll keep this short. I just wanted to give you a quick update on our new campaign for a Just Transition Act.

It's really taken off in the last few weeks and we're hoping to collect just a few more signatures before we ramp up pressure on PM Trudeau.

You can take the first step right now by signing our petition and demanding that Trudeau pass the Just Transition Act he promised during the 2019 election.

Thousands of people have already signed this petition, and, together, we're making an impact. Since we launched this campaign, MPs from the Green Party, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois started talking about the Just Transition Act in Parliament.

President Biden's quick and decisive action on climate should send a clear message to Prime Minister Trudeau. The fossil fuel era is over. It's time to invest in bold climate action that works for people and the planet.

Sign the petition now to demand a Just Transition Act.



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