Trudeau: End Hassan Diabs Ordeal Now!

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Trudeau: End Hassan Diab’s Ordeal Now!

Michelle Weinroth

Forty and some years have elapsed, yet the French authorities have failed to find the real culprit for the 1980 bombing of the synagogue on rue Copernic, Paris. Not only have they failed to carry out their original mission, they have failed to admit, let alone face, their obvious defeat. Recent events prove ever more strikingly that, for 14 years, French authorities have been pursuing the wrong man – the wrongfully persecuted Dr. Hassan Diab.

Indeed, the last shred of evidence – handwriting analysis – on which they relied for so long (in concert with members of Canada’s justice system), was recently... debunked – turfed by France’s very own handwriting experts. The latter’s appraisal scathingly rejected the handwriting analysis originally carried out at the request of the prosecution. Indeed, with impartial and scrupulous examination, French analysts vindicated the defence’s position, and thereby annulled allegations that Dr. Diab was the bomber of the Paris synagogue.

Today, the facts speak ever more powerfully in favour of Dr. Diab’s innocence. At a press conference held on January 27, 2021, Dr. Diab’s lawyer, Don Bayne, made this plain. In six moves, he masterfully destroyed the prosecution’s case against his client. With his eloquent and irrefutable defence, one could only expect that Dr. Diab’s innocence would be forever sealed, safe from further discussion. But no… in a flagrant travesty of justice, and flying in the face of evidence that totally exculpates Dr. Diab, the French appeals court ruled that he stand trial.

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