01/06/21: The Insurrection that Wasnt

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01/06/21: The Insurrection that Wasn’t

Bryan Palmer

“Only the chief … can still save bourgeois society. Only theft can still save property; only perjury, religion; bastardy, the family; disorder, order!”

Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

Trump is now gone. But his leaving was not without a certain drama. His legacy is about as tarnished as it is possible to imagine, but a part of Trumpism’s message remains relevant. The swamp really does need draining. The bog that is Washington overflowed with crocodile tears on 6 January 2021.

Music from Big Orange

Trump’s troops, summoned by the Líder Máximo, assembled in Washington, D.C., their minds mangled by an ideological fusillade... of conspiratorial tripe about frauds, stolen elections, and political betrayal. For all that this deluge of delusion contravened reality, it nonetheless often resonates with an understandable sense of grievance and anger, stoking a not entirely off-base intuition that a much-vaunted democracy has proven little more than sham.

The Commander-in-Chief appeared with others at the Washington rally. He and his entourage did not disappoint the crowd, pillorying the “radical socialist” Democrats and Republican renegades, excoriating those who would grant Joe Biden the Presidency on the basis of a truly trumped-up electoral travesty. Don Jr. went his father one better, taking aim at the two “commie bastards” recently elected to the Senate from Georgia. There was talk of “patriots kicking ass,” and exhortations to “Fight, fight, fight!”

Trump wept tears of rage, tears of grief, reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s lyrics and “The Band’s” Music from Big Pink (1967-1968): “We carried you in our arms on Independence Day/And now you’d throw us all aside and put us all away/Oh, what dear daughter ‘neath the sun could treat a father so?/To wait upon him hand and foot and always tell him, ‘No’.”

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