Trudeau promised green jobs. Where are they?

Let's flood the PM's fax line with green job applications. r1

Dear Paov,

As you know, millions of Canadians lost their jobs over the course of the pandemic. January’s job numbers, which reflect the impacts of COVID’s second wave, just came out and they’re worse than most experts predicted.1 And, just like with the first wave, women, racialized folks, and young people were hardest hit.

In September’s Speech from the Throne, the Liberal government pledged that "climate action will be a cornerstone of our plan to support and create a million jobs across the country." There’s certainly no shortage of work to be done as we repair our damaged environment and race to build a fossil-free economy.

But, since last year, Trudeau hasn’t said much about green jobs at all. That’s why, with your help, we’ve been pushing him to deliver the Just Transition Act he promised in the last election to support workers and communities impacted by the shift off fossil fuels and by the worsening climate crisis. Done right, there’s massive potential to kickstart a green jobs revolution.

Today, we’re taking the next step in our Just Transition Act campaign with a cheeky new action. Can you take a few minutes to... participate?

We’ve set up a tool that lets you fax a “green job application” straight to the Prime Minister’s office with one click. We would love it if you could take a few minutes to customize your application: describe your ideal green job or, if you're retired or already have a green job, explain why you think younger generations deserve this kind of work. We’ve also pre-written a template in case you only have time to hit send.

Give it a try. We’re going to see if we can flood the PM’s fax line with hundreds of applications over the next few days.

Let’s show this government that we want them to cut ties with Big Oil and invest in the green jobs of the future.



PS - Do you know someone who would appreciate this kind of creative action? Send them this email.


1. HuffPost: "Canada's Unemployment Rate Soars To 9.4% As Ontario, Quebec See Large Job Losses" is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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