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In this edition, we bring you some reasons to keep fighting, and some reasons to be hopeful.

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So here we are: we made it through the first month of 2021. Many of us had unprecedented struggles to face in the year 2020, and many of us had to adapt the way we lived, interacted and fought for climate justice. If there is one thing that is abundantly clear, it is that no matter how far apart we may feel, we can’t win this fight alone. In the first month of 2021, the world has faced increased climate disasters and injustice, but it has also seen some amazing wins for people power.

In this edition, we bring you some reasons to keep fighting, and some reasons to be hopeful.


Nona and Drue

In case you missed it

Cancelled pipelines: The Keystone XL pipeline is CANCELLED! On his first day in office, US President Joe Biden cancelled... the Keystone XL pipeline, setting a precedent that all permitting decisions must pass a climate test and respect Indigenous rights. This is a massive movement victory of a 10+ year fight thanks to millions of people demanding an end to fossil fuels, and a signal that Biden is following through on his promises to protect people and the planet. Watch this video.

More good news: In a historic move the city of Amsterdam wants to ban advertising from the fossil fuel industry and ads for air travel from the city. Read about the ad ban here.

Inside story

Pakistan coal ban: One of the biggest announcements from last year’s Virtual Climate Ambition Summit was Pakistan’s denouncing of new coal projects. As always with announcements like this, there are questions about the ins and outs of these types of bans and whether they will turn out to have a thousand loopholes. 350 South Asia put the statement into context.

Read more about the Pakistan coal ban here.

Wins: Last week two local anti-coal fights in Turkey scored big wins. First, the Çırpılar thermal coal plant project, which would have caused wide-scale destruction on the local ecology, was denied an application to overturn a local court decision to uphold the EIA. Meanwhile, in Northern Anatolia, the local resistance in Bartın managed to stop a second EIA process of the Amasra Thermal Coal Plant project (after the first was overruled by the State Council). 350 Turkey worked closely with the local groups in both regions that made these victories possible.

Use your power

Afrika Vuka: 350 Africa is hosting a new series of workshops on winning campaign techniques and tactics, with the hope that the workshop will result in a new wave of large-scale climate actions as we work towards ending the age of fossil fuels and moving to clean, renewable energy. At the end of the 4 sessions, participants are expected to have gained fresh knowledge, practical skills and confidence that can allow them to launch or re-energize the climate struggles and campaigns they are engaged in. Read more.

GND UK: After this pandemic, we can’t just go back to business as usual – to a system that puts the profits of a few above a safe climate and the health and wellbeing of us all. That’s why a coalition of 350.org, Green New Deal UK and a number of other organisations are campaigning for a government-led plan to tackle climate breakdown and build a society in the UK that rapidly cuts emissions, creates secure and safe jobs, builds thriving public spaces, tackles inequality and joins with millions around the world fighting for a safe climate. Read more.

Just Transition Act: In the 2019 election, Trudeau promised to introduce a Just Transition Act, “ensuring that workers have access to the training and support they need to succeed in the new clean economy.” If Trudeau is serious about climate change and protecting workers, it’s time to stop pushing pipelines and start investing in real climate solutions that work for people and the planet. 350 Canada is calling on Trudeau to legislate the Just Transition Act and make sure no one gets left behind as Canada shifts away from fossil fuels. Read more.

Climate impacts

Cyclone Ana: In the last month, an unprecedented chain of cyclones and tropical depressions have devastated communities in the Pacific. Storm after storm has made landfall bringing destruction to the island nations. Tropical Cyclone Ana devastated the communities in Fiji just a month after Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Yasa tore through the country. Share this video.

Ones to watch

Dare to Hope: Amid the pandemic, political turmoil, and natural disasters across Asia, the region learnt that we are stronger together. This powerful video from 350 Asia reminds us of all the times we came together for people and for the planet in the year 2020. It also invites us to dare to hope and share the things that drive us to do better in the year 2021. Read more.

The People’s Fight: At 350, we understand that in order to save our planet, we need to be more than just practical - we need to be ambitious and hopeful. Which is why we are set on ending the fossil fuel industry within the next decade. Given everything the world has been through in the past year, we want you to feel inspired and hopeful with us. Watch and share this video to join the People’s Fight.


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