Community Helps to Sustain Portlands Ongoing BLM Protests

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Community Helps to Sustain Portland’s Ongoing BLM Protests

April M. Short

At any given Black Lives Matter (BLM) event in Portland, you might encounter what looks like a farmers market stand, with woven baskets full of fresh veggies, fruits and flower cuttings. Look a little closer and you might come across an “Abolish the Police Lettuce Mix” or a fruit basket with a hand-painted sign that reads “billionaires are not essential.” This is the PlantBloc booth, where everything is freely donated and given away by Portland’s gardeners and plant lovers to support the movement against racism, and justice for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

PlantBloc operates only through... volunteers and donations and does not accept any money. The mutual aid collective gathers donations through word-of-mouth and social media outreach on the PlantBloc Instagram page.

Rae, a PlantBloc volunteer, says people have tried to donate money at events but removing it from the equation has created a special kind of exchange. “One of the reasons that just feels good is that it’s an energy exchange, it’s not about money,” she says. “It’s about sharing resources and knowing that we have plenty of resources to share.”

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