Green job applications are stacking up in Trudeaus office

1,200+ people have faxed their “green job application” to the PM. Send yours. r1


I’m impressed. Over 1,200 people have faxed a “green job application” to the Prime Minister’s office. Can you take a minute to send yours? We’re aiming to hit 1,500 by the end of the week.

This action is our cheeky way of reminding the PM that we haven’t forgotten his 2019 pledge to pass a Just Transition Act.

We’re having our fun but we recognize this is a serious matter, especially for the thousands of oil and gas workers facing an uncertain future. Canada needs a Just Transition Act that creates a million green jobs. And we need it today.

Over the last few days, I spent some time reading through some of the customized "job applications" that people faxed to Trudeau. It gave me so much hope to read your stories: retirees explaining why they want their kids’ generation to have green jobs, young people detailing the skills they’re ready to contribute to Canada’s decarbonization efforts, and former oil workers who now work in renewable energy.

Just imagine Trudeau’s office filling up with these moving stories from people across the country who are ready for... green jobs.

Now imagine your story included on this stack. Show your support for a Just Transition Act by faxing your “green job application” to Trudeau today. Our online tool makes it easy to do it with just one click.

Just Transition legislation is critical to speeding up the transition away from fossil fuels in a way where no one gets left behind.

As Mark Rowlinson, assistant to the Canadian national director of the United Steelworkers union put it recently, “there needs to be a government commitment to a plan, preferably through legislation, preferably by an entire ministry that is devoted to supporting workers through this transition period.”1

Unfortunately, the Liberals are still trying to have it both ways: planning to expand Canada’s crude oil production through to 2039 while also claiming to be climate leaders. As a recent analysis by CNN makes clear, that kind of policy makes Canada one of the world’s biggest climate hypocrites, not a climate champion.2

Let’s make sure the PM gets our message and realizes that it’s time to pick a side.

We can’t afford to waste time on the new form of climate denialism Trudeau practices when he says climate action and tar sands expansion can go hand-in-hand. We deserve the truth and a real transition plan.




  1. With oil’s future uncertain, workers want to know if Trudeau has a plan for them
  2. Norway, the UK and Canada are not climate champions. They are climate hypocrites is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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