Shock Therapy: Public Funding and the Crisis at Laurentian University

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Shock Therapy: Public Funding and the Crisis at Laurentian University

John Peters

Here we go again. A major crisis. Governments cutting taxes. Bailouts in the billions for banks and corporations. And suddenly public services – including universities like Laurentian – are on the chopping block. This has been the story in Canada, the United States, Australia and many other countries over the past thirty years.

And now, with Sudbury Ontario’s Laurentian University declaring insolvency – the first public university to do so in Canadian history – we can anticipate even more public sector “crises” to come in the very near future.

Claiming they have “unsustainable” debts, Laurentian University has gone to... federal court claiming they need to terminate many of their professors and cut programs. Warning other universities that more financial oversight is coming, Ontario Colleges and Universities Minister Ross Romano said that “more dramatic and immediate action” will be needed.

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