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The Canadian government is on the verge of deciding to ban a pesticide that’s killing bees. But pesticide giant Bayer will fight with everything it’s got.

The only way we beat Bayer is by drowning out their lobbyists with our voices -- add yours now to protect bees from Bayer!

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Shocking new research has revealed that squash bees are being wiped out by the toxic pesticide, imidacloprid.

And any day now, the Canadian government will decide whether to join other countries which have banned imidacloprid, or let Bayer keep pumping it onto Canadian crops.

Faced with this compelling new evidence, a ban should be a foregone conclusion. But the pesticide lobby spends millions strong-arming politicians to protect their business. And the only way we can stop them is to drown out their lobbyists with our voices.

If you, me and thousands of others demand that Health Canada ban this poison, we can save squash bees from being wiped out altogether.

Add your name: Tell Health Canada to ban this bee-killing poison.

We can’t do without squash bees - they are vital to producing bumper crops of squash, melons, cucumbers and pumpkins. But when plants are soaked in toxic pesticides, these bees collect a lot less pollen and reproduce at a fraction of the normal rate.

Three years ago Canada outlawed the most widely used bee-killing pesticides, and promised to phase out imidacloprid in the next three to five years. Now we need to make sure they follow through.

SumOfUs members have come together and forced governments to ban bee-killing pesticides in Europe and Canada before. Let’s do it again!

Health Canada: Ban this toxic pesticide now

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More information:

Ontario research suggests insecticide decimates popular pollinator, the squash bee Global News, February 26th 2021
These widely used insecticides may be a threat to mammals too National Geographic, February 5th 2021

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