Paov, can you send a reminder to Environment Minister Wilkinson?

We’re holding a town hall to get some answers about the promised Just Transition Act. r1


Soon after the last federal election, Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson promised that passing the Just Transition Act would be one of the first actions his government would take.1 That was over a year ago and since then, we haven’t heard a word about the Just Transition Act from Wilkinson or any other member of Trudeau’s cabinet.

We have some questions and we’re sure you do as well. That’s why, this Thursday, March 18th, at 6pm Eastern, we’re hosting a grassroots town hall to hold Wilkinson and our federal leaders in Ottawa accountable. The only problem is, Minister Wilkinson still hasn’t responded to our invitation.

Help us make sure that our invitation for this Thursday's Just Transition Act town hall is at the top of Wilkinson's inbox. Email the Minister with one click using our online tool and tell him to join the Just Transition Act town hall.

It’s confusing. If the Just Transition Act was ever truly a top priority for Minister Wilkinson, why isn’t he prioritizing this event? He should... be there to hear questions from people across the country who are ready for millions of green jobs, retraining programs for fossil fuel workers, and a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy.

In the last month, over 12,000 people signed the petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to deliver a Just Transition Act. There was no response. Then, thousands of people faxed their “green jobs applications,” hoping that would get his attention. We still haven’t heard back.

The case for a Just Transition Act couldn’t be stronger. The climate emergency keeps accelerating and yet, according to a new UN report, world leaders are failing to put green energy transition at the center of their COVID recovery plans.2 And one year into the global pandemic, unemployment rates remain staggeringly high across the country.3 We need action now to tackle the climate crisis and unemployment at the same time.

That’s why we’re amping up the pressure this week with a Just Transition Act Town Hall that puts our decision-makers in the hot seat. Take a minute today to e-mail Minister Wilkinson and remind him to join us.



PS - We’ll convene on Thursday regardless of whether or not Minister Wilkinson joins us. After all, it will still be our opportunity to demonstrate the tidal wave of support for a Just Transition Act. Luckily, Green Party Parliamentary Leader Elizabeth May and NDP Environment Critic Laurel Collins will be there to respond to our questions and concerns. Spots are filling up fast for this event. Book your seat on Zoom today by filling out this form.

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